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  • October 19, 2019

Minoxidil was initially introduced as an oral medication for treating acute and recalcitrant hypertension in the 1970s. 1 Coincidentally, doctors observed baldness and generalized hypertrichosis in balding patients, which caused the growth of a topical minoxidil formula for treating androgenetic alopecia (AGA) initial in men and in female people.


The 2% minoxidil solution was minoxidil comprar found on the marketplace in 1986, followed by the 5 percent solution in 1993. Two Despite its international acceptance for more than 30 decades, the mechanics underlying the hair growth-promoting consequences of minoxidil remains fully elucidated. We planned to review and upgrade critical clinical advice about topical minoxidil such as the pharmacology, mechanism of action, clinical effectiveness, and adverse outcomes.

Two Minoxidil alternative (MS) contains inactive ingredients, such as water, in addition to ethanol and propylene glycol (PG), that can be used as vehicles to improve the solubility of minoxidil.

PG eases efficient drug delivery to the hair follicles; nonetheless, its regular induction of local aggravation resulted in the growth of a PG-free minoxidil foam (MF). The anti inflammatory ingredients at the foam formula contain cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, and butylated hydroxytoluene.

In comparison to MS, MF permits for greater delivery of the active ingredient into the target website and effortless penetration of this medication with less aggravation; consequently, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given consent for 5 percent MF for its treatment of AGA. MF can also be more convenient to use, since it dries faster and spreads less to the peripheral area. 5

Minoxidil is a powerful arteriolar vasodilator that opens potassium channels found on the smooth muscles of their cervical artery, causing hyperpolarization of the cell membrane. 6 Xu et al indicated that K+-channel activity is vital for development into the G1 phase of the cell cycle; for that reason, it may play a vital role in cell regeneration in the first phase.


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